The Harry H. Long Moving Storage & Express, Inc. company is a tradition in the Long family. In 1917, Harry H. Long started his transportation business with a horse and wagon. Most trucking businesses at the time were called "Transfer Lines" because their business was to transfer baggage to and from railroad stations.

Cargos, methods and equipment have changed since 1917. LONG has changed with the times. Large semi-trailers have replaced horse and buggy and container chassis have been added as international trade has grown.

Harry Long passed away at an early age of 46. At that time Alice Long took over the business. She remained active until her 90th birthday in 1990. For health reasons she was unable to continue. Shortly after, John R. Long Sr. was the next successor and new owner. At that time he had asked his sons to join him in the business. Three of the four sons agreed and a plan for the future was being mapped out. John R. Long Sr. played an active roll from 1990 – 1999 as 2nd generation owner and President. Within a few years of taking over the family business, John R. Long Sr. was diagnosed with cancer. After a long and hard fought fight, in the end the cancer won. John’s wife, Joyce, then became the new owner and President. She remained President until 2010 when she elected John R. Long Jr. as the new President.

In 1970 Harry H. Long Moving & Storage was incorporated under the name Harry H. Long Moving Storage & Express, Inc. to better indicate the many different types of transportation services they performed. We now operate in the State of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. With certain commodities, Minnesota and Illinois are included within the operational limits. Click here to view our photo gallery.

Today our operation is focused on intermodal services. We provide some of the best equipment available to help our customers achieve their goals. Our tractors are light-weight for customers with weight sensitive product. We also offer a variety of chassis to safely meet today's road limits. With GPS tracking, we can provide our customers with real time answers.

Some things have not changed over the years, LONG is now being managed by our third generation. 2017 marked our 100th year in business. The Long Family is proud of this tradition of progress and superb service.